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About Us

The School was founded in 1995. We are an Official School of Languages located in Tenerife. We are a state maintained school, which offers higher education to adults. At our School we currently teach English, French and German.The School continues to evolve, reflecting an ever-changing world. We are committed to maintaining a supportive, challenging and high-quality experience for students and staff alike.

Our experienced staff have extensive knowledge of the current best practices for teaching modern languages. We offer a student-centred approach and a communicative methodology all held in a friendly classroom environment where students work together to improve their language skills.

The centre itself provides an excellent study environment at the North of the island. Facilities include classrooms with interactive whiteboards and AV equipment, video and computer technology, and a a library self-study room.

If you are considering joining us at La Orotava as an Erasmus Partner or as an Teaching Assitant, please read the information below and if you still want to have more information do not hesitate to email us at eoilaorotava@gmail.com

Thinking of becoming our Erasmus Partner?

We are currently carrying out the project  “Ampliando horizontes: una apuesta por la europeización y la empleabilidad”. (2014-1-ES01-KA104-002652) The project has been designed around these three areas:

  • The teaching and learning foreign languages
  • Open and Online learning.
  • ICT in the classroom of foreign languages

The objectives to be achieved are the following:

  1. Improvement in the linguistic competence – Teachers of B2 and C1 levels and above who need linguistic refreshment
  2. Furthering specialised linguistic competences in fields such as tourism, work, business – Teachers who are currently devising the programme of specialised courses and need to improve their linguistic competence related with a work area (foreign languages for customer services in tourism, health, security forces and CLIL courses)
  3. Furthering in Academic Management Development – Teachers in Management Teams who intend to expand their skills and knowledge in academic management.
  4. Using ICT in the classroom and broadcasting – Teachers in charge of the design of Online Learning Platforms, Blogs and Websites of the schools.
  5. Fostering creative and innovative methodological and pedagogical currents in the teaching of foreign languages which enables us to excel and offer top quality teaching.


The objectives of the project agree with the European , national, regional and local objectives in education concerning the increase in the rate of students who graduate in our studies and the decrease of school early drop-out rates. Therefore, we hope that, the furthering of the professional development and the internationalisation of our teachers, as well as the updating of their linguistic and pedagogical competence will lead to an increase in the teaching quality (implementation of innovative and creative teaching practices, use of ICT in the classroom, design of activities with audiovisual equipment, use of online platforms and social networks to support face to face learning , improvement of the teachers’ linguistic competence, increase in teachers’ motivation and work satisfaction). As a consequence of the increase in quality we expect an increase in students’ motivation which could be translated into a decrease in absenteeism and an increase in school graduation rates.


If you believe you share our areas of interest and your institution agrees with our objective, do not hesitate to contact us ateoilaorotava@gmail.com

Thinking of doing your Erasmus traineeship with us?

At our school we can offer you a nice working and learning environment. The teachers at the differente departments (English, French, German) will be happy to guide you through you traineeship period. Teachers receiving the trainee in their classrooms will fill in an evaluation form for the trainee and the Head of Studies will check all the forms so as to sign the final “Completion of the Traineeship Period Report”.

The Head of Studies will mentor your traineeship and  will help  you to integrate in the School environment and will provide practical support if required and facilitate understanding of the culture of the host country.

The Head of Studies will also monitor the development of the traineeship period.  Normally , weekly meetings are held to enable the smooth development and successful completion of the traineeship. Should there be any inconvenience; the programme might be adapted, whenever possible to cater for the trainee necessities.


  • 20 hours of teaching
  •  6 hours of planning and coordinating at the School
  • 11,5 hours of planning and programming at home
  • The teaching Assistant is expected to help other teachers in their lessons therefore the main tasks  are teaching and planning the lessons.
  • The knowledge, skills and competences to be acquired are the following:
  • Lesson planning
  • Classroom Management
  • Methodological approaches
  • Techniques for presenting vocabulary and grammar
  • Techniques for practising vocabulary and grammar
  • Games to practice vocabulary and grammar
  • Techniques for practising the different skills
  • Teaching pronunciation
  • Communication Activities
  • Pairing and grouping
  • Error correction
  • Fostering study skills
  • Fostering learning strategies
  • Developing multiple intelligences
  • Fostering autonomous learning
  • Using ICT in the language classroom
  • Blogging in the language classroom
  • Using Facebook in the language classroom
  • Innovation in the language classroom

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